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What causes potholes?

Potholes are caused by water ingressing into the road through existing cracks and then the subsequent action of freeze/thaw. The action of traffic further enlarges the diameter of the pothole. This sets up a cycle of damage where larger cracks and voids allow more water and ice formation within the road. Instability in the road base or underlying ground can also cause damage in the surface course often requiring deeper reconstruction of the road.

How many potholes are repaired each year?

Around 1.5 million potholes are repaired each year in England & Wales, the equivalent of one every 21 seconds. According to industry figures taken from the annual 2020 ALARM survey on the condition of the UK road network, £86.4 million was spent on pothole repairs in England and Wales in 2019.

What risk do potholes cause to road users?

Potholes present a risk to road users, causing potential harm to people and damage to vehicles. They also represent a cost to local authorities from compensation claims.

What is the cost of pothole compensation claims?

Around £22.8 million is spent on compensation to roads users. This includes £8.1 million in direct compensation to road users (69% specifically relating to potholes) and £14.7 million on staff costs to deal with the claims. A faster response to reported potholes can reduce these claims and the drain on budgets.

*Figures from 25th ALARM Survey, published 24/03/20

Right first-time pothole repairs

Tarmac’s expertise has developed a range of specialist asphalts that provide, longer lasting more workable hot asphalts, cold lay asphalts in bulk delivery, bags or tubs and site mixed asphalts heated in just the right quantity and temperature at the point of use.


ULTIPATCH Pothole is a fast, effective highway repair asphalt.

ULTIPATCH Pothole is a HAPAS approved, permanent, cold lay surfacing asphalt for repair of carriageways. Designed specifically for small scale road repairs, the modern binder technology makes it easy to compact enabling quick, effective repairs in all weather conditions. It can be instantly opened to traffic meaning less disruption to road users and improved productivity for highway maintenance teams.

ULTIPATCH Pothole is a BBA HAPAS cold lay repair asphalt available in bags, tubs and bulk deliveries.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is an edge sealer spray for road repairs.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is a High bond bitumen tack coat and sealer for use in conjunction with ULTIPATCH Cold lay repair and reinstatement materials.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster will increase the bond strength of the macadam material to the substrate, whilst simultaneously acting to waterproof the application area – these two key properties of ULTIPATCH Edgemaster help to improve the macadam’s overall performance through preventing water ingress and subsequent freeze / thaw damage which helps to create a long lasting permanent repair.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is a tack coat and edge sealer spray for road repairs.

ULTIPATCH Viafix Quick
An extreme performance ready mixed cold asphalt

ULTIPATCH Viafix Quick is an extreme performance, HAPAS approved Permanent Cold-Lay Surfacing Asphalt for use in all classes of road including motorways and in cold and wet weather. ULTIPATCH Viafix Quick may be overlaid with any road surfacing material or sealed with surface dressing. When installed correctly ULTIPATCH Viafix Quick will not be damaged by traffic, rain or frost.

ULTIPATCH Viafix Quick remains workable even in very low temperatures but the material hardens when water is added.

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