Rainwater Harvesting Products

Much of the water used in commercial and public buildings is for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling. Much of this could be provided by harvested rainwater. Rainwater Harvesting systems often have short payback periods and can help reduce reliance on mains water for use within non-potable applications and lower running costs, a focus of many businesses throughout the UK.


Civils & Lintels offer a comprehensive range of rainwater harvesting solutions from Kingspan and Polypipe for commercial, domestic and industrial use.

Our range of rainwater harvesting products includes domestic rain traps, domestic and commercial tanks, pumps, filter and valves.

  • Polypipe Rainstream – This is a rainwater management system that offers a range of highly-effective solutions for the filtration, storage, attenuation and re-use of rainwater in commercial applications and public buildings. Polypipe Rainstream is a bespoke, fully engineered rainwater harvesting system based on the same proven technology as the Ridgistorm-XL range. It’s a tank of exceptional stiffness and integrity that can be transported quickly and efficiently. It can be installed without the need for a concrete surround or the need to fill the tank with mains water to weigh it down during installation. The system benefits from an integral leaf filter and is supplied with filters, pumps, valves, component-set and factory fitted inlet, calmed inlet and outlet connections. Various tank sizes are available for commercial applications starting from 10,000 litres.
  • Klargester Gamma Rainwater Harvesting Solution – This system is a shallow dig tank rainwater harvesting solution, developed to provide the homeowner with an automatic supply of harvested rainwater for the home or garden. The system works by taking the rain from roof gutters, filtering out leaves and debris and storing the water in an underground tank. The system is available in two options, a gravity system which uses an elevated header to store filtered water after the main tank, and a direct system which pumps water from the main storage tank and is used where a header tank is impractical. Benefits of this system include: easy to install and simple to maintain, ‘Fit and Forget’ system, ensuring an automatic supply of harvested rainwater and a shallow dig design making the system easy and affordable to install.
  • Klargester Domestic Raintrap – This irrigation system is a below ground rainwater storage tank with internal pump and filter, available in a variety of sizes from 2,800 to 4,600 litres. The Raintrap system is an economical rainwater harvesting system suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Benefits of this system include its easy installation saving time and money, low maintenance costs, and an automatic system diverting rainwater when the tank reaches full capacity.