Clay Underground Drainage Pipe

At Civils & Lintels we offer a wide range of clay drainage pipes, channels, channel fittings, gullies and accessories to assist contractors and site owners in effective drainage and flood control. Clay pipe offers strength, durability and excellent chemical resistance available for all domestic, commercial or industrial drainage and associated sewer use.


We offer an extensive range of premium quality clay drainage pipe and accessories from Naylor Drainage and Hepworth Building Products with expert knowledge and competitive pricing.

Our range of underground clay drainage includes pipes, channels and fittings with flexible sleeve couplings.

  • SuperSleve underground gravity drainage system – Suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial and adoptable drainage systems, the SuperSleve system is available in 100, 150, 225 and 300mm diameters. Pipes are resistant to high water pressure jetting and have a lifetime jetting guarantee up to 7500psi at 20 gallons per minute. Pipes are manufactured to BS EN 295-1 and have a life expectancy of 100 years providing a low whole life cost.
  • Hepline underground gravity drainage system – A rigid pipe system jointed by couplings and socket and spigot systems suitable for sub-soil drainage applications. This system is available in 100, 150, 225 and 300mm diameters and manufactured to BS EN 295-5 standard. This system is most suitable for domestic, industrial and agricultural sub soil drainage. The high strength of these pipes makes them perfect for under trafficked highway and agricultural areas as well as dispersal from septic tanks and small sewer treatment plants (Image 1 from c&l brochure)


  • Clay Channels and Unjointed range – An extensive range of channels enabling almost any combination of manhole layouts to be constructed on site., available in 100, 150, 225, 300, 400 and 450mm diameter pipes. The range is manufactured to BS EN 295-1 standard and has a range of fittings suitable for RMI projects maintaining the character of the original building. The range includes plain ended or socketed channel fittings for use in foul and surface water manholes.
  • Densleeve – An underground clay drainage system of plain-end vitrified clay pipes and fittings with flexible sleeve couplings. This range was developed for building drainage and associated sewerage and manufactured to BS EN 295 standard.
  • Denduct – An underground ducting system consisting of DN100 and DN150 vitrified clay plain-end products with flexible sleeve couplings and fittings.
  • Denline – A perforated underground drainage system manufactured to DN 100 – DN300 standards. This plain-end, vitrified clay perforated pipe is specifically designed for ground water and surface water drainage of all types including motorways, sports grounds, land reclamation, retaining walls and land drainage.

To source the right clay pipes for your underground drainage project, talk to your local branch