Flexible Drainage Repair Couplings

Flexible couplings are specifically designed to connect and repair pipes of different materials or sizes used in sewerage, drainage and other underground applications. These couplings come with a host of benefits to the installer and end user including quick and easy installation and excellent durability. Couplings reduce the amount of time required to fix damaged pipes, bushes can be used to connect pipes of different materials or sizes.


At Civils and Lintels we can offer a variety of flexible couplings from Flexseal and Naylor Drainage for pipe repair and connection work on any underground drainage installation.

Our range of repair couplings includes flexible drain couplings, standard couplings, bushes and adaptors.

  • Flexseal Standard Couplings – These couplings feature a stainless steel shearband around the centre of the coupling, providing protection against heavy loads and shear forces, a quality which is required by the Water Companies as part of the WIS 4-41-01 standard. If connecting two different size pipes, then a Flexseal bush or Multibush can be used to fill the gap. Standard Couplings are available for pipes between 50mm and 620mm as standard. For Large Diameter Coupling sizes above 620mm, Flexseal can manufacture any size to order.
  • Flexseal Standard Flexible Couplings – Comply with the requirements of WIS 4-41-01 and are specifically designed for jointing pipes in sewerage, drainage and similar non-pressure applications where resistance to shear loads is required.
  • Flexseal Drain Couplings – Drain Couplings are simple straight connectors that can be used on private pipelines to connect pipes of similar outside diameters when resistance to earth loads isn’t required. Drain Couplings are available for pipes between 40mm and 275mm.
  • Flexseal Lateral Connection Saddles – Flexseal provide a large range of saddles for the connection of lateral pipes into larger diameter main pipes. Lateral connection saddles can be used in the place of factory made junctions as they require no adhesives, sealant or concrete which reduces material and labour costs.
  • Naylor Band-Seal – This regionally available range of flexible couplings allows the connection of pipes of different sizes and materials from 28mm-2000mm. The range includes standard couplings for connecting pipes of similar outside diameters and adaptor couplings together with bushes for dealing with larger size variations.
  • Naylor Extra Wide Couplings – 300mm Band-Seal Extra Wide Couplings. Also available in larger diameters to suit specific requirements. Please specify dimensions required.
  • Naylor Flexible Repair Couplings – The couplings are especially suitable for drains, sewers and underground pipelines. The extensive range connects pipes from 24mm to over 2000mm nominal size (DN), to other pipes or the same or different sizes and materials.

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